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Victim-Offender Overlap

In this study, researchers are examining the relationship between offending and victimization. Situational factors will be assessed through 3 different interview designs with recently admitted male prison inmates.

Project Team

  • Principal Investigator: Richard Felson, Ph.D. Department of Sociology & Criminology  (
  • Co-Investigator: Mark Berg, Ph.D., Indiana University

About the Project

  • 4 year NIJ-funded study about the relationship between offending and victimization.
  • Comparing recently admitted male prison inmates and a similar non-offender sample. Inmates include violent and non-violent offenders.

Research Questions

  • Why are offenders more likely to be victimized in disputes?
  • What situational factors are involved in this phenomenon?

Project Details

  • 3 different interview designs assessing attributes of the antagonist, whether offenders were victims of violence, and mediating variables such as frequency of drinking and involvement in illegal activities.
  • The comparison sample will be drawn from inmates’ contacts who are of similar age and background and have not been in serious trouble with the law.
  • Data analysis is in progress.


  • Results will provide valuable information to help explain why offenders are more likely to be victimized in disputes.