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Child Sexual Abuse Conference Follow-up: TED-ED Talks

Justice Center researchers have created six TED-ED lessons based on the talks given at the Child Sexual Abuse Conference. Data from the lessons will be gathered to analyze the interest in the material and determine the need for continued development.

Project Status: Completed

Project Team

  • Lead Investigator: Ian Elliot, Ph.D. (
  • Co-Investigator: Kate Staley, Ph.D.
  • Co-Investigator: Courtney Meyer, M.A.

About the Project

  • Following up on the six-month anniversary of the Child Sexual Abuse Conference, the Justice Center aims to re-engage with conference attendees and the general public by disseminating conference material through TED-ED, an online learning system.
  • Using TED-ED, a series of online lessons were created based on the six pre-recorded Conference talks that are currently linked to the Conference website.

Project Details

  • Each TED-ED lesson includes a 15-item quiz, additional resources related to the specific content of the lesson, and discussion topics.
  • Lessons were made available to conference attendees and the public via the Conference website and the Justice Center twitter account. Click here to view the lessons.


  • Data from the lessons was gathered to analyze the number of visitors to the site, responses to quizzes, and discussions.
  • This information will be used to gauge interest in the material and determine whether there is a need for continued development of the online lessons.