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Justice Center Researchers present at ASC

Justice Center researchers presented at The American Society of Criminology meeting in New Orleans November 16-19. The following presentations were given by researchers from the Justice Center for Research:

Considering Incentives in Money Generating Activities among an Incarcerated Sample- Holly Nguyen, PSU, Jeremy Staff, PSU, Gary Zajac, PSU, Derek Kreager, PSU, Thomas Loughran, University of Maryland

Results from the HOPE DFE Four-Site Randomized Control Trial- Pamela Lattimore, RTI International, Doris MacKenzie, PSU, Gary Zajac, PSU

From Cellblock to Community: A Longitudinal Analysis of Inmate Social Networks during Community Re-Entry- Corey Whichard, PSU

Reflected and Peer Appraisals in Prison-Based Therapeutic Community- Kim Davidson, PSU

Post-prison Social Networks and their Association with Recidivism- Hanneke Palmen, Leiden University, Derek Kreager, PSU, Sara Wakefield, Rutgers University, Anja Dirkzwager, NSCR, Paul Nieuwbeerta, Leiden University

When Onset Meets Desistance: Cognitive Transformation and Adolescent Marijuana Experimentation- Derek Kreager, PSU, Daniel T. Ragan, University of New Mexico, Holly Nguyen, PSU, Jeremy Staff, PSU

A different Method of Predicting Risk: Unpacking the Implications of a Statewide Sentencing Risk Assessment- Julia Laskorunsky, PSU

The Impact of Religiosity and Self-Concept on Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes- Brianna Jackson, PSU