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Message from the Director on Ongoing Crises

The tragic killing of George Floyd and the clear racial disparities in COVID-19 deaths have, once again, laid bare the deep-rooted social inequalities and injustices facing communities of color in the United States. There is hope that collective outrage and the spotlight shone on these pressing issues will result in long-needed social change. However, the risk remains that cynicism, fatalism, or political distraction will limit progress. For my part, I recommit the CJRC to its mission of supporting diverse research focused on criminal justice systems and processes.  Social facts, rigorous evaluation, and the weight of evidence partner with collective action to effect policy change.  I remain confident that the CJRC can continue to bring together strong researchers and the criminal justice community to facilitate a more equal and just system. 

Thank you, stay safe, and take care of each other,

Derek Kreager

Director, Criminal Justice Research Center