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Message from the Director

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Welcome to the Criminal Justice Research Center at Penn State! Our primary mission is to promote and share research evidence relevant for criminal justice theory and practice. To accomplish this, we seek to establish strong relationships with scholars and practitioners at the local, state, national and even international levels. We constantly seek to expand our network, so please reach out to us and get involved with our many initiatives!

Our numerous funded projects cut across a variety of criminal justice domains. In particular, we are currently seeking to support research in one or more of four thematic areas representing strengths of the Center and its affiliated researchers: (1) Courts and Sentencing, (2) Corrections and Re-Entry, (3) Treatment and Rehabilitation, and (4) Public Safety and Crime Prevention. These themes will serve to organize our activities, as well as our speaker series and community outreach efforts. Within each area, the CJRC is making important contributions to the body of evidence regarding “what works” in criminal justice practice and in promoting informed dialogue on criminal justice policy.

This year, we are focusing on connecting criminal justice practitioners and alumni to students embarking on their criminal justice careers. Specifically, we are organizing career and enrichment (e.g., internship, study abroad, and research) events and opportunities that bring criminal justice agency representatives at the local, state, and federal levels to Penn State. We are cultivating an environment for student excellence and seek help young scholars reach their employment and educational goals.

As always, we are interested in supporting, connecting, and promoting criminal justice researchers across Penn State. Our affiliates are nationally recognized for scholarly excellence and we will continue this tradition into the coming years. Contact us if you’d like to participate in this growing community or wish to join our distribution list.

Derek's Picture

Derek Kreager

Director, Criminal Justice Research Center

Professor of Criminology, Sociology, and Demography

Pennsylvania State University

The Criminal Justice Research Center (CJRC) is based out of the College of the Liberal Arts, and is linked to the Department of Sociology Criminology at The Pennsylvania State University. The CJRC works with local, state, federal and international communities on research related to criminal justice policy, practice and problem solving.

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The Criminal Justice Research Center
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Phone: (814) 867-3292
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